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I am passionate about exploring the human connection with dance and performance. I am interested in discovering and dismantling the duality of performance and pedestrian actions. How can performance and performative movement feel connected to a deeply rooted emotional experience? I am also curious about the relationship developed between a dancer and an audience member during a performance. What does the instant connection and intimacy one feels watching a dance performance say about the space being created? What part of us is ignited when we witness a dancer exerting their body to their limits?  How does performative vulnerability connect to a rooted human experience? I am interested in considering how the lens can be flipped, turning the dancer into the watcher while the audience becomes the spectacle.
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Casual Watcher 2019

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As a dance educator, my artistic intent connects to a goal of providing my students with pride and confidence in their abilities that allows them to discover a voice rooted in motivation. My students will find that dance becomes a tool that allows them to engage with the self and others in unique and captivating ways. Largely through creative and collaborative work, students will use dance to develop a critical eye. Through the lens of movement, they will be in a constant state of questioning, testing, hypothesizing, and problem-solving. The students will act as their own source of feedback, for themselves and others, actively subverting traditional teacher and student roles. By actively shifting power and responsibility, I will be informing students that what they bring to the classroom and their investment in the material has lasting and impactful effects on their growth.

Seen 2019

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