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Sample Lesson & Unit Plans

Sample Elementary Unit: Grades 3-5

Throughout this unit, students engage with Hula, learning about the technique of the movement as well as the history of Hula and Hawaiian culture. Students explore social justice concepts of Identity and Teamwork to create Hulas that explore and celebrate the unification of student identities. 


Sample High School Unit: Grades 9-12

Throughout this unit, students utilize the concept of Intersectionality as choreographic impetus for duets. Students explore self-chosen social justice topics independently through analysis and solo choreography which is then built upon to develop intersectionality duets. The unit culminated in the creation of the dance film, Intersections.

Sample High School Lesson: Grades 9-12

Throughout this unit, students engage with Bob Fosse's iconic movement vocabulary. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of the style, guided through choreography that implements the fundamentals, and provided opportunity to choreograph utilizing the fundamental steps. The two-day lesson culminated in a class showing demonstrating artistry and understanding of Fosse-style Jazz.

Sample High School Lesson: Grades 9-12

Throughout this lesson, students utilize their vocabulary and understanding of ballet concepts covered during their Ballet unit to reach The Land of Sweets. Students are led through the Nutcracker Virtual Escape Room and must work together to solve a series of ballet-based questions, applying their learning and acting as an assessment of ballet skills and teamwork


Sample Blended Learning

Lesson: Grades 9-12

Throughout this lesson, students explore Laban concepts in conjunction with the movie La La Land, utilizing the Blended Learning style of "Station Rotation". Through Online Instruction, students analyze a duet, looking for Laban's Eight Effort Actions and comparing their answers. The students explore the Eight Effort Actions through a teacher-led jazz improvisation. Students then move to a Collaborative Activity as they co-create a storyboard and jazz duet implementing the Eight Effort Actions.

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